Monday, October 31, 2011

coffee and conversations

I love coffee.  I love conversations.  I miss conversations that last over an hour.  Where have dreams wondered off too?  I am insinuating of course on the idea that conversations with God is possible.  Maybe even while you are enjoying a cup of coffee.  In my heart I want to believe that such dreams are being lived out by people all over the planet.

I know God is not a distant form or a figure illuminating from a heaven out of reach.  God is near, even hear.  Place your hand up to your face at the crest of your nose, intimacy is in your space.  Coffee    is not a life saver, but my life has been saved over a cup of coffee.  Conversations do not taste good always, but spew a sweet aroma over the lips and hears of those participating.

I am delighted, terrified, and ready to start the future....moving forward and pacing out of dependence and far from security.  Money  does not drive the influence of God or how I'm to live.  Wealth is not for God to be assured of using you, wealth is the found treasure of Him.

I look forward to retreating and speaking of the dulcet scriptures that breathe life into our beings and take our breaths away at its fulfillment.  No condemnation, God has not changed, and the law is graceful...

the enrichment found in these simple truths of our approach to God will open the highway of intimacy, revelation, and knowledge of and with God.    Make me quiet so you can speak, allow me to listen so I can live.

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