Monday, July 5, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 4

Today is July 4th, and I'm sitting on the front porch of this enormous home/lodge/envious spot I'd like to live...and I'm working on my opening session for FBC Oloh in the second week of December...I know I know, I'm on vacation.  You can't just sit here where I'm sitting and not think about God and His glorious is the view from my post

See what I mean, God just beamed a promise over me that dated back to Noah, a perpetual promise that is still with us today.

I stepped out and tried to film this chipmunk; however, I was highly unsuccessful and failed miserably.  Hey here is a shot of the upstairs loft; (the game room), and oh my my it fine.

We all joined for an afternoon supper at Kathy's Uncles in South Fork and we had a great time, and then my batteries to  my camera failed so here is what I took before equipment malfunction happened...  more to come later.

by the way...worst pot of coffee I've ever made...highly embarressing look you can see right through it...

also, this was the first sign we saw when we walked into the house...hilarious and unnerving!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 3 (Arrival)

Travel Day 2  (Arrival at South Fork, Colorado)

The trip today began with a couple of major important stops before we left Amarillo, of course you have to understand that no trip can be complete without a stop at Starbucks.. and Wal-mart..., and while in the drive thru I noticed that there where a brand name of cookies in the window by the name of "Lucy's" of course I had to buy them, here is a pic of the cookies.

Forgive my morbid sense of humor here, but you can't look past a sign like this and laugh...I know, I know, it doesn't say Dumois, it says Dumas...but check out the parady in this road sign.

We found a coffee mug today in the city of Clayton, NM, I will reveal the mug later on...I bought it for a friend in Tupelo, MS, Larry McClendon.    

here are many random pics of the Mountains, we've been studying the Hebrew language and it's pictograph's and the word for Mount in Hebrew is SaR,  samech Aleph resh (lean on God's humble servant) interesting one of ranges we drove through today is known as Sangria de Cristo (The Blood of Christ).  Here they are...

Random Pic of the day in Alta Mesa:

Here is a pic of us today at Raton pass, my girls are sitting on the same wagon that April, Brent, and I sat on in '81 or '82 or ever earlier...30 years later we found the same wagon, it brought a tear to my eye, here is this pic:

Here is the humble abode that we are living in for the week, it is quite spectacular and here is the view around the cabin:

As we embark on this week,  I look forward to hearing from God and what He is going to do in directing my life and walking in His grace.  I'm learning to trust in his voice alone and not make a move unless he directs it...and my selfish nature does not always respond, yet I find myself right in the middle of what he has for me.

more tomorrow!
Friday, July 2, 2010

Colorado Day 2

1st Travel Day:

Preparing to leave on a trip is always somewhat stressful, yet, the anticipation of leaving the norm is  welcomed and timely. 

We sat out today for the goal of making it to Amarillo, of course, the trip on map-quest said it would "only" take 71/2 hrs...ha ha ha!   This is our first official Jason Goodson family road trip...every time I think about going on vacation...Chevy Chase and the family truckster from National Lampoons "Vacation" comes to mind.  You just pray that there is no uneeded adventure other than gazing upon my girls pretty faces as they look at the Rocky Mountains for the first time.  "I can't wait to see their response..."  

This morning as we were pulling away from Mineola in family car and the Hainesville Aires trailer as if we were a traveling family band, we've had several strange looks today.

Those smiles well they didn't last long!

We began our journey and 31/2 hours later decided o.k. it's time to pull off and have lunch in Bowie, TX.  Just a comment before I go any further..."There is absolutely nothing to eat on hwy 287 west of Denton."  I was getting worried about the possibilities once we left Denton when nothing but tumble weed began running across the road.

Good ole Bowie, TX just north of 287 on hwy 81 we ran into a "Golden Chick" after circling the McDonalds that held only 14 people, smallest McD's ever!

Friendly people at the Golden Chick in Bowie...a little to far off the road however.

Here are some pictures post Golden Chick experience as we entered the vast Texas plains.

a sleeping goosters is a quiet van!on the open road,

isn't the scenery just beautiful, they don't come any better than KGood.

This our attempt at producing a video of mountains in TX, well that are just not mountains, ant hills more like it.

This is our attempt at artistry in motion

it was a cool looking tree...the only tree all day!

We finally made it to our destination in Amarillo, and we sure are tired; however, before the slumber,  "STEAK" at

The Mae Train went into shut down mode when she saw the moose head, then finally calmed down long enough to enjoy some excellent cooking.

I was meditating on this verse today for shabbat (or sabbath day) from Exodus, it says

Exo 14:13 And Moses said to the people, "Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.

Exo 14:14 The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent."

What an encouraging truth in the midst of the junk we live in, I want to with my family this trip, is to be silent so that we do not miss seeing His salvation, that He will work for us as we glory in Him who is Adonai, EL-Roi.
Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorado Day 1

Prep Day, Thursday July 1st:

I find such great pleasure in hanging out with my children; Zoe is 5, Lucy is 2, and Iris is 8 months old, each child unique in form and has personality to boot. I am on a mission today of clearing two of three girls out of the house, Zoe and Lucy. Removing the older girls out of the house allows Kathy to prep for packing the loads of junk we carry with us, especially, for our trip to Colorado.

South Fork, Colorado is the destination of our trip…here are a few photos of the girls here at our local coffee shop in Mineola, B&B Legal Grounds. This is our attempt at freeing the mind of mamma at home. This is Lucy my 2 year old before she ran out of real estate near the pool table and bumped here sweet face on the right corner pocket….she survived!

This is Zoe, my five year old; she is the calm, cool, and collected one of the bunch always mothering over the brood. This is such a beautiful quality she possesses, she is my oldest, and she is quite smarter than dear old dad.

This is my friend Neal Edwards, who is an incredible flat picker…Neal is singing old gospels and the presence of God is resting amongst us and honored we are to be in the presence of Elohim…the Almighty…beautiful.

No mountains yet, but who needs mountains when you have the glory of God in your midst in a little coffee shop in Mineola, TX.

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