Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Do we still know that God is able to meet and satisfy our needs even though He has no obligation to do so?

God's love is not based on our race, color, or paycheck.

God's presence is not out of range so that He is unreachable.

God has given us the Holy Spirit (who by the way is God) as a means by which we have become united with Him as a means of life.

You are a created being with worth beyond measure (psalms 139).

You have an identity and where you place this identity is key to how you answer the above question.

We have missed God amongst the hustle and bustle of life that He is in us through the Spirit yet we have forgotten the truth of His indwelling Spirit.

God is beginning to show up in our Monday Night meetings downtown and fueling a passion to know Him. The questions that burden our hearts are there so that we can place our dependency upon God to answer the void within.

God is found amist the saints who have identified themselves in Christ because it has become an awareness of the Spirit.

There is a gentleman who frequents the coffee shop who is in need, doesn't have a job, doesn't have money, and doesn't have the education it takes to find a good paying job. Does this mean that God is not fair to this individual? I certainly could be in the same situation in life if God so chose to let it happen. The point is this, I'm certainly just as dependent as this gentleman. He has a place to sleep, a place to eat, and clothes on his body. He understands that God is showing up and meeting his needs. He knows he's dependent and that every sip of coffee and food he eats is a gift of God.

quit looking for God amongst the clouds and look within and rely upon the Spirit given to you as a gift and you will begin to understand that God is working in you and through you meeting the needs whether huge or small.

Monday, August 10, 2009

August Rush

August Rush

Football is approaching, school is starting, and after what seemed like a long summer is coming to a whinding end. I never thought that I would be in August talking about the Rangers and their possibility of being in the playoffs. As you can tell, it doesn't take much for me to get excited about life in general. I love football season, High School Football Friday Nights, college football saturdays, and Cowboy football on Sundays.

I looked back over the summer and have noticed that I have enjoyed hanging out with the kids (Zoe and Lucy), (Monday Night children), (and the youth group). I cautiously see that the youth in the church I work for are starting to see the grace of God and receive a taste from Him. When a student comes to understand the grace of God the countenance on their face changes and a since of inner rest appears and they seem to enjoy life a little more. Have you had that type of taste from God that caused you to rest spiritually?

When I think about my own journey of rest and how God showed up in 1996 and changed me by His grace, it causes me to pause and reflect on His goodness, His mercy, and His timing. God has always showed up at the right time in my life and even when I didn't notice that God was even around His timing was still perfect because I remember situations that God showed up and saved me from my stupidity or just went along for the ride in my stupidity to teach me a life lesson.

When God shows up you know it and it is unmistakable how He works in and through us. I've seen the results in my life and I'm beginning to see how He is still teaching me and molding me. None of this teaching and molding is done with the iron rod of discipline, and it is not done with a distant eye watching from across way, but it is done with a nearness that I cannot explain and a smile that is unforgetable.

I get pretty weird when it comes to watching sports of any kind, I'm usually put way to much of my emotions into it, yell way to loud, and jump up and down way to much; just ask my family! Here is the funny thing about all of that, God gets pretty weird with me during the times of watching sports and my fluttering emotions. I believe He enjoys it just as much as I do and enjoys decorating the house just as much as I do. The point is this, God's intimacy is not based on me correcting all my junk, but it is in the joyful delight of just being in His presence and me enjoying Him and He enjoying me.

That is the taste that changed me: What was the taste that changed you? I would love to see your comments on that!

happy August,


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