Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Update


I tried a few days ago to post a message using just the facebook site and I messed it up pretty bad; however, I thought this would be a good way to write updates and share thoughts about how God is working through us here in Mineola at Teleo Ridge. I'm seated here at our local Coffee shop named B&B's Legal Grounds which sits next door to our office with Jacob who is along with his family apart of our Monday Night Fellowship. I enjoy having the opportunity to enjoy God with other people and in other people. I have often contemplated what true ministry looks like and it is something that is not easy to describe but I will give it shot with my finite words. Have you ever wondered when you first had a genuine taste of God? I'm not even sure how to say it in terms of how it feels because it is God who has to give you the taste and it is God who makes the truth known. If you have ever had a genuine taste of God, then you know exactly what I'm saying.
For many years I've been apart of some incredible ministry opportunities over the years but very rarely in those opportunities did I receive a taste of God. I think the reason for this lies in the fact that I tried to produce a taste of God that only God Himself can give.
I found myself trying to produce ministry and failing at it miserably, the problem became evident when I found myself just existing in my relationship with God instead of living. I had to learn that I cannot do anything of myself; God revealed to me that He produces ministry and that He produces the living. God produces the taste. When God Manifest Himself you cannot help but to receive a taste.
My first taste of God that I remember came in 1996 when my friend Joe Shelton spoke of how God was not interested in my works, but that He was interested in me, He was not mad at me, He was not disappointed in me, but that He was interested in me. This was a taste of God that changed me forever. When we taste God, a change occurs...that's it! A taste of God will change your life.
A taste of God will give you a desire to pursue God, to know God, and to be intimate with God. If you will pursue God, He will give you a taste. The buffet is there for us to enjoy without cost, without demands, just us wanting to know Him. Through the ministry here at Teleo Ridge, a taste of God is happening not because we are mustering up the work to make it happen, we are just asking God to produce the taste and we are watching the change happen.

O taste and see that the Lord is good...(Psalms 34:8).


Please share your comments and thoughts with us, let us know what your thinking and how you are doing. We appreciate you support, your prayer, and your friendships.

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