Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Radical Living

Today I decided to move the office outside onto the front porch of my home, mainly because I wanted to break from the normal routine of my day and think outside the box for once in my life. I’m no longer fearful of breaking from the norm (I know I’m such a rebel sitting on the front porch) in my life but as a recent quote I once read that said, “The Christian Life is not only about killing sin, but about radical living.” I wonder if this qualifies.
I sure feel pretty radical today, I’m in a t-shirt, shorts, and flops on the front porch carrying out my daily regimen of chores. Feeling pretty salty I must say. I’m enjoying the blustery weather that is soaking the ground, no thunderstorm here just a dense heavy rainfall that is giving this parched land some drink. Often my soul feels parched and in need of God to rain down upon me this continual vat of grace that never runs out, but often I try to figure it out under my own circumstances, my muscles, and call it radical living.

I spent many days in the past wondering how to rid myself of sin and make myself the Grand Pulbah of finding out formulas to kill, cover, and cleanse myself of this thing called sin. I’m not sure about you but the formulas haven’t worked yet, the formulas only soothe the problem but never healed it. So one day I read this scripture which set me free from trying to kill, cover, and cleanse myself of this thing called sin. It reads, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Cor. 5:21

So it was up to God to put the plan together to satisfy the need of making a sacrifice for sin, this sacrifice by the way was once for all (which includes you and me). So much for being Conan the Destroyer of sin, that onus was put on the cross which became the finished work, the final payment, and the cleansing work of sin. How arrogant is it for us to think that we can rid ourselves of it, when scriptures tells us that God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for ________ (put your name in the blank), that ________ (put your name in the blank) might become the righteousness of God in Jesus.

We Christians spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to rid ourselves of sin instead of knowing God intimately and we miss out on life trying to come up with the cure that has already been found. I will not spend one more minute on trying to figure out how to kill sin, but I will waste my time on knowing God which is far more radical than crunching numbers and figuring out formulas. Take a moment today and rest in the finished work of Christ on the cross and find your “radical” living in dependence upon his muscles and not yours!

I love you guys, thanks for your prayer and support.

Conan the Destroyer,

As a part of radical living we are going to be closing down our building in the downtown area due to the fact that we believe that this is God's direction. We will have our Monday Night meetings in the homes of those who attend. Pray for us in this endeavor we are already seeing God move through this decision.

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