Monday, July 5, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 4

Today is July 4th, and I'm sitting on the front porch of this enormous home/lodge/envious spot I'd like to live...and I'm working on my opening session for FBC Oloh in the second week of December...I know I know, I'm on vacation.  You can't just sit here where I'm sitting and not think about God and His glorious is the view from my post

See what I mean, God just beamed a promise over me that dated back to Noah, a perpetual promise that is still with us today.

I stepped out and tried to film this chipmunk; however, I was highly unsuccessful and failed miserably.  Hey here is a shot of the upstairs loft; (the game room), and oh my my it fine.

We all joined for an afternoon supper at Kathy's Uncles in South Fork and we had a great time, and then my batteries to  my camera failed so here is what I took before equipment malfunction happened...  more to come later.

by the way...worst pot of coffee I've ever made...highly embarressing look you can see right through it...

also, this was the first sign we saw when we walked into the house...hilarious and unnerving!


The Neely's said...

hey buddy I am glad to see you enjoyed your trip and i look forward to seeing you again soon.

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