Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorado Day 1

Prep Day, Thursday July 1st:

I find such great pleasure in hanging out with my children; Zoe is 5, Lucy is 2, and Iris is 8 months old, each child unique in form and has personality to boot. I am on a mission today of clearing two of three girls out of the house, Zoe and Lucy. Removing the older girls out of the house allows Kathy to prep for packing the loads of junk we carry with us, especially, for our trip to Colorado.

South Fork, Colorado is the destination of our trip…here are a few photos of the girls here at our local coffee shop in Mineola, B&B Legal Grounds. This is our attempt at freeing the mind of mamma at home. This is Lucy my 2 year old before she ran out of real estate near the pool table and bumped here sweet face on the right corner pocket….she survived!

This is Zoe, my five year old; she is the calm, cool, and collected one of the bunch always mothering over the brood. This is such a beautiful quality she possesses, she is my oldest, and she is quite smarter than dear old dad.

This is my friend Neal Edwards, who is an incredible flat picker…Neal is singing old gospels and the presence of God is resting amongst us and honored we are to be in the presence of Elohim…the Almighty…beautiful.

No mountains yet, but who needs mountains when you have the glory of God in your midst in a little coffee shop in Mineola, TX.


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