Friday, May 27, 2011

Jesus, Yeshua, and Politicians

        This title strikes me as hilarious because in a manner of speaking this title represents all we know of God with Skin.  In my finite words, I'm writing about the church.  These certain points of view cover a wide variety of people, all of which have influenced me and my path to knowing God.  Again, I write these articles to make you aware of the need to know God in relationships. So as you read Jesus, Yeshua, and Politicians think about what your view point is and how it influences your relationship with God.

        Jesus, What's in the name?  What is so renowned about Jesus?  At the name of Jesus people swear, claim, sway, wage war, unite, argue, have conversations, congregate, and disassociate.  What is the draw that men would write up their own rules in how to know and have relationship with Him.   Did Jesus mean for us to write our way to him?  Religion has fueled our passion for knowing God for so long that we have forgotten to seek him outside of the walls of a steeple house. 
         Jesus, unfortunately, tasted and saw all the different ways that man tried to get to His Father.   The funny thing is this, Jesus said that the only way to His Father was through Him.  If you need a reference, its in the Bible, John 14:6.  Jesus' statement is a lesson on how we approach God in a relationship.  The funny thing is, a by-law does not have to be passed to understand it, although man has even skewed that simple statement in the Bible that just says it.
        The Christian view point of Jesus puts emphasis on what we "do", instead of "being."  Somehow, the same Bible is read, yet the point of view ends up being different.  Why? Man is really  good at reading scripture through their own veils and filters.  Try and read the Bible unfiltered with no presuppositions to influence you.  Read with the conviction that you want to learn about God and not about what supports your religion. 
        Christianity is largely based on view points of man instead of looking at what God says about Himself and you.  Is the Jesus of scripture that you serve a liar?  Jesus makes it clear that He is the pathway to God.  Knowing God is eternal life according to John 17:3, this is Jesus praying in the garden before his subsequent arrest.  The message to Christians is this, repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  Tozer said, "God Himself is here waiting on our response to His presence (p.50)."  It's interesting that we view Jesus as a middle class white collared american, friends, that is not Jesus and that is not who he is.  If you begin to study scripture, then you must face the reality that Jesus Christ is a Jew and lived as a Jew, and followed the Jewish customs.  What, then, do you do with your view of Jesus at this point?


        Yeshua, now what's in this name?  Talk about a controversy in order!  Jews all over the world still do not believe in your middle class white american Jesus.  The man the Pharisee's arrested was, according to them, a blaspheming Jew who happened to be a good teacher, who read in the synagogues and followed the Jewish customs set up by God and revealed to Moshe (Moses).   Could you in fact be in love with a Jew?  Well, let's end the drama quickly!  Yes, if you call your self a believer of Jesus Christ, then you are in fact in love with a Jew.  Why did God choose to send Jesus as a Jew?  Well, from the beginning, before the foundation of the earth God set aside for Himself a bride, a people of choosing known as the Jews. 
        Yeshua is the Hebrew name that we know as Jesus, its meaning is significant.  You see Yeshua means salvation.  I look to a certain verse in scripture to point to this meaning, Exodus 14:13 says, and Moses said to the people, "Do not be afraid.  Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.  For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever."  The key phrase is "see the salvation of the Lord," or "see the yeshua of the Lord,"  or "see the (deliverance, victory, prosperity: health, help) of the Lord,".  
        I met a Lady  (who calls herself a messianic christian) who radically challenged me about two years ago to read the first five books of scripture and allow the first five books of scripture to fuel the whole understanding of the Bible.  Two years previous of meeting this sweet lady, I begin to study Jesus' Hebrew roots.   What I have discovered on this four year journey is a depth and intimacy with God beyond what I ever expected.  What am I saying?  Do all Christians have it wrong?  No, I believe we have a skewed view point of we place our faith and trust in.  This view point that Jesus is just for American Christians is misguided and wrong.
         I used to be scared of the term "messianic" because I thought it was just "messy."  Messianic simply means that for a Jew who believes in Jesus as Messiah is Messianic.  Or like my friend a Messianic Christian is a kingdom minded lady who has found her life in Christ and chooses to live in the Hebrew lifestyle and festivals, honoring the true sabbath (friday evening to saturday evening), and praying for the peace of Jerusalem.
         I'm not challenging you to convert, I'm challenging you to discover, because I believe when you discover the Jewish Jesus, you will discover what scripture is all about.  Yeshua says of himself about the Torah, these are they that speak of me.  What do you say?  How do you see? What have you learned?  I think a change in point of view is good and allows you to find exactly where you are rooted and grounded.


        Politicians, Just saying the word causes me to throw up in my mouth.  Jesus was no politician, he was not out to  see how many people he could get to show up at the synagogue, and he was not out to promote a false picture of self.  Our picture of God is the most important thing about us.  Why?  Because, what comes to mind on the first thought of God is what you worship about God.  We have this idea that Jesus is a politician hoping to get our vote so that he can be lord of our lives.  Jesus was not out to gain a vote, he was out for your life.  God does not base his acceptance of you based on votes.  Jesus is not a democrat or a republican, He is not a congressman or representative, He is not what you picture in your mind. 
          Politicians are confound by boxes, they have a mantra of finitude, they place what they believe should happen in a box and say this is the answer.  Jesus never lived by boxes, Jesus had the hand of one whom He rested in, His Father.  Funny, that Politicians rest in policy and Jesus in His Father.  This is a picture of how we are to view God.  Politicians are not sons and daughters of policy, but of people.  We live as if we are sons and daughters of policies, and not sons and daughters of God.  God doesn't hoard mounds of policies over you, He longs for relationship with His sons and daughters.  In Christ, we are sons and daughters, just like he was a son.  Therefore, 1 John 4:17 states, as he is, so are we in this world...  The scripture doesn't say, as the policies goes, so are we in this world...
        Politicians are not all bad, just need to realize that dependency is the way out of problems.  Jesus, Yeshua, and Politicians are together in this article because we need a change in our view points.  The change in view points come only through the revealing of God and knowing Him.  Remove the filters that skew the view of the Father, your Father in Heaven and live as sons and daughters in His kingdom which reigns forever more.


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