Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is God up to? Do you often wonder about that?

I often wonder what God is up to? I know God's timing is not on our time frame; however, I would love to sit and watch from his prospective in how He deals with the lives of people on this earth. I take a look within myself and wonder how God has put up with me in my few short years on earth? How God has loved me for free without the condition that exist within my other words, loving only for the good that someone does for me.
What horrible thing to base love on! Yet, it is exactly that type of love that seems to fuel my living. It shows up in subtle ways and in ways that truly embarress me. My wife Kathy has been a beautiful picture of this love that God has for us, she would tell you that it is imperfect; yet, when I am loving her conditionally she still loves me unconditionally. This type of loving really just blows my mind. Kathy is carrying our third child and we are very excited about raising this baby! I have never seen exactly what this baby looks like nor do I know the intricate details of whether this child is a boy or girl, nor have I heard the baby cry or whimper or coo. I did this morning feel the baby kick in Kathy's belly and love began to well up inside of me for this unknown creature.

God already knows what's in store for this child's life from beginning to end... With fear and trembling do I dare think thoughts of what God is up to from His prospective as if I could wrap my mind around it. God first loving this child, is the exact thing that will draw this child to Him. I'm already praying for this child to be drawn to the love of God, the same prayers that I continue to pray for Zoe and Lucy; for Kathy and I.

I wonder what God is up to not because I am at a lost, but I am excited to see what is coming from Him. Is God about to reveal a new truth that I do not know? I sure hope so! Is God going to provide everything I need financially to make it? I sure hope so! Is God going to manifest Himself through me to others? I sure hope so! I do know this though, even if He doesn't do these things He is still God and He is still Good, He is still in control and thank God I'm not, He is still drawing me by His previous love and I can rest in that.

June Update:

Gyspy Market

If you are a local yocal from Mineola or you have an interest in enjoying Music, Community, and Fun with the opportunity to buy from local merchants come visit the North Johnson St. Gypsy Market on July 25th beginning at 10 am and ending at 5 pm. There will be live Music all afternoon, with a mixture sure to satisfy everyone's taste and food to purchase for your pleasure. Come and support the local business district in the down town area, there will also be some fun options available for the children as well so bring the family.

Monday Night Fellowship

We are still meeting on Monday Night at The Place down town, so if you are interested in a family atmosphere mixed in with music, scripture reading, and conversation then Monday Nights will definately be a fit for you. Contact Jason or Johnny with any questions at or .

A.C.E. at The Place

Tuesday Night fellowship for guys, that is intentional Bible Study normally led by John Cordova (who is currently working at Lake Forest Ranch in Macon, MS) will be led this coming Tuesday by Jason and Johnny. Join us at 7 pm, Grab a cup of Coffee from B&B's and let's talk Scripture.

Ladies Bible Study

Thursday Nights have been for the ladies to have an in depth look at Christ and who He is. They have been studying Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" If you are interested in learning more contact Jason at .


Saturday nights at the place is still kicking every Saturday Night from 7pm - 11 pm, our purpose is to provide a safe place for students to hang out while having the opportunity to play video games and learn how to play music via the guitar, drums, bass, acoustic, and singing.
Justin Neely oversees the video games
Bobby Simmons and Johnathon McBurnett oversee the music

Without their help, Saturday Nights would not be possible!

A Final word:

God has led me in my heart to begin writing some devotional material for students and I am really excited about walking through this journey: I will be calling the material "Who We Are: A daily reading about our identity in Christ" Jaytee and I always talk about Scriptures that just say what its saying, simple truths that helps us identify ourselves in Christ. So as God begins to shape what this is going to be, I would ask that you would pray as God brings us to mind in making this project about Him and that He would open eyes and reveal truth. Thanks,



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