Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I really expected today to accomplish great things for God. What do you consider accomplishing great things for God? Personally, I believe that God has provided daily for us to accomplish something great… this great purpose is to live in His presence, to accomplish the act of being the man or woman God has created us to be.

I remember struggling with the fact that I had to put a mark on each day and accomplish a great task for God. That is why most of my college days were miserable because I tried so hard to get others to see my works. Thank God I’m not saved based on my works or accomplishments correct? Do you ever find your self in the same predicament? “God I’ve done nothing today that would merit your favor, do you still love me?” I would actually pray that on a daily basis.

Well Jason that is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard! Maybe, however, it’s true. Last Night I sat with a group of people that came to meet and just be themselves, we watch a video of a friend by the name of Dave Busby who expressed that God showed up and answered a question for him, watch the video, it will make you laugh and encourage you here it is: www.davebusby.com go to the website and watch it.

I thank God that God is the one who is accomplishing His work in us, through, and for us. I cannot assume the role of doing great things. I just get to "be" in Christ and He does the work. I know that when I'm down on myself, feeling guilt and shame, and wondering what my worth is I constantly am reminded of finished work of Christ on the cross.

blessings to you all

I would love to hear from you on this subject, have you dealt with some of these same issues?


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