Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 3 (Arrival)

Travel Day 2  (Arrival at South Fork, Colorado)

The trip today began with a couple of major important stops before we left Amarillo, of course you have to understand that no trip can be complete without a stop at Starbucks.. and Wal-mart..., and while in the drive thru I noticed that there where a brand name of cookies in the window by the name of "Lucy's" of course I had to buy them, here is a pic of the cookies.

Forgive my morbid sense of humor here, but you can't look past a sign like this and laugh...I know, I know, it doesn't say Dumois, it says Dumas...but check out the parady in this road sign.

We found a coffee mug today in the city of Clayton, NM, I will reveal the mug later on...I bought it for a friend in Tupelo, MS, Larry McClendon.    

here are many random pics of the Mountains, we've been studying the Hebrew language and it's pictograph's and the word for Mount in Hebrew is SaR,  samech Aleph resh (lean on God's humble servant) interesting one of ranges we drove through today is known as Sangria de Cristo (The Blood of Christ).  Here they are...

Random Pic of the day in Alta Mesa:

Here is a pic of us today at Raton pass, my girls are sitting on the same wagon that April, Brent, and I sat on in '81 or '82 or ever earlier...30 years later we found the same wagon, it brought a tear to my eye, here is this pic:

Here is the humble abode that we are living in for the week, it is quite spectacular and here is the view around the cabin:

As we embark on this week,  I look forward to hearing from God and what He is going to do in directing my life and walking in His grace.  I'm learning to trust in his voice alone and not make a move unless he directs it...and my selfish nature does not always respond, yet I find myself right in the middle of what he has for me.

more tomorrow!


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